In Review: Women Rocking Business

Browsing through Facebook this week I came across a page that struck a chord with me. It was called women rocking business and it was advertising an online 10-day training course.

I won’t lie, I am a sceptic at heart. One of my reasons for starting this blog was to provide a place that separates the fact from the fiction as far as the internet is concerned. Naturally, I didn’t know whether this was a legitimate opportunity to grow my business skills as an entrepreneur who’s just starting out OR whether it was clever marketing to obtain my email address. Either way, it required no payment, so I signed up!

The course begins next Monday (19th July) and I received an email yesterday outlining the schedule of events. It covers multiple disciplines from crafting your online message, to launching a social media group, monetizing, and engaging with the community.

I also visited the Women Rocking Business website and downloaded the “Rock Your Mission” blueprint. I found the document engaging and it helped me to look at my business from a different perspective.

The questions I’m looking to answer are:

  • How much information can I gain from online webinars?
  • How much of it is relevant to me as a regular person who is just beginning their journey into the world of business and marketing?
  • What are the best resources for people who are literally just starting out? For people who have ideas and products that they want to make a living selling. For the people who don’t have a whole bunch of corporate contacts. For the people who aren’t marketing experts. Where do we start?

Keep following my journey to find out the answers (I hope)

Knowledge and advice are always appreciated.

Donna x

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Donna Daydream

Writer. Blogger. Designer. Creator. I believe in love, connection and compassion. No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the people around you. Surround yourself with the people who light you up.

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